Social media manager $. 120
3 Months 1 Applications

You can simply order a meal and get it delivered to your doorstep . or book a meal of your choice from a local restaurant and pick it up on your from work or school. We make meals easy so everything else in your life gets easier.

Graphic Designer $. 150
3 Months 3 Applications

3 years ago, these simple questions brought 4 friends together. Why do you have to leave your home to make money? Why can’t you just make money from your smartphone, after all, you have more than 20 businesses (apps) in your smartphone getting money from you and information for sale to advertisers. It turns out, several crazy programmers from Kenyan universities decided to do it for you.

Adobe XD  Photoshop  Hubspot  Pardot  Marketo  CSS 
Research Associate $. 150
Regular 1 Applications

The Strategy & Market Research Intern is an analytic thinker who can deliver substantiated research and reporting that will drive growth opportunities. This role is also accountable for the development and distribution of key research reporting, including insights and recommendations; and will ensure that research is provided as required on a timely basis.

Photoshop  Marketing  CSS 
Account Management Trainee $. 150
3 Months 1 Applications

Those interested in taking on more of a leadership role may advance to an Account Director position, where you'll take on more responsibility managing internal teams and providing deeper "big-picture" direction. Directors also take on a bigger role working with upper management, and beyond that, there may be C-Level advancement opportunities.

Compliance Management Trainee $. 150
3 Months 1 Applications

The ICT Compliance & Legal Affairs Intern will have the unique and exciting opportunity to apply their educational skills in a real IT work environment. To assist in assigned departmental activities related to the operations of the department; the work assigned to the intern supplements the formal educational program of University studies; duties may vary widely depending on the departmental needs.

Legal Affairs